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 Tallahassee Pressure Cleaning and Roof Stain Removal

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Capital Roof Wash

Capital Roof Wash

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PostSubject: Tallahassee Pressure Cleaning and Roof Stain Removal   Wed May 29, 2013 8:44 pm

Here in Tallahassee we pressure clean concrete - wood decks and Soft Wash asphalt shingle roofs and exterior house siding. Please do not get the two confused. Pressure washing is the use of HIGH pressure that is needed to remove dirt, stains and algae from hard surfaces that will not be effected by the high pressure needed to clean these surfaces.

On the other hand, Soft Washing is just that. A soft, gentle wash the let's the cleaning solution do the work to clean the roof stains on asphalt shingles and mold - algae from vinyl siding with out high pressure. Pressure cleaning not only gives sub standard results but can actually void the manufactures warranty by blasting away the life of the shingles which are the tiny granules that cover each asphalt shingle.

Ray Wilkinson
Capital Roof Wash and Exterior Cleaning

Take a look below to see the solution at work with less pressure then a garden hose and feel free to give us a call for a free quote on the day you call.

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Tallahassee Pressure Cleaning and Roof Stain Removal
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