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 Cleaning Cloth Upholstery

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PostSubject: Cleaning Cloth Upholstery   Cleaning Cloth Upholstery Icon_minitimeThu Aug 23, 2012 3:18 am

Here is a recipe for a good home made spotter for cloth upholstery.

Mix cup of laundry soap with warm water if you use a mixer or a whisk you can mix to a froth and use the foam as your spotter. Apply with a clean cloth or sponge, tamp or blot the stain as the stain breaks down into the foam remove with a kitchen scraper. Rinse by using cool water and blotting with a dry white towel. Always test a small area on and unseen spot on the upholstery first to be sure there are no adverse affects.

If you have a fresh stain always blot with a clean white towel first to absorb as much of the spill before having to put out the cleaning supplies. Often immediate blotting with remove much if not all of the spill.
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Cleaning Cloth Upholstery
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